Be the author of your life

  Since birth, it is the other that wants to write our life. First of all, our parents, then school, every day, according to what we say and do, we are a “good child” or a “bad kid”, we make them happy or we do not give them pleasure .

  Then, it becomes the same thing at school, we are a good conciliatory student (who is so nice to teachers) or a bad student (which is a problem for those around him). From an early age, we understand that we must constantly adapt to others so that they accept us and are happy, or even say no to us.

  It is “the other” who dictates our life. The “other” must be happy, there is no need to disturb “the other”. “The other said it was not good to say that or to think that I am silent.” The other “does not like when I do that so I stop doing it.” The other “feels bad when I dare to be who I am so i stop being who I am .I lose” the other “when I do what I like So I prefer to i stop doing what I like to keep “the other” .”The other” will comment if I do that, I do not even want to start doing it .”The other” is happy when I say nothing, when I do nothing …

  It is then that the others become like the remote control which guides our life and we become objects without soul and slaves without choice

  I can say that the other and the society are one. So, let’s talk about us, young people or even adults. We all know that the choice of our studies starts at 15-19 
The choice of which major we are going to study; science or literature. This choice that decides not only our marks but also of our life. the other puts a lot of pressure on our choices. And you can realize that the society give so much important to science matters more than literature and art , I am told that math and physics are the best, whereas I want to be a writer . I push myself to do biology while I like economics. I came to do medicine when I wanted to be an artist because music is my passion and colors are my true universe . I’m driven to become an engineer while my dream is to be lawyer. The effect of the other is present also in clothing. We spend hours in front of the mirror  changing our clothes again and again, trying to have the perfect hairstyle, the best makeup for the other. We do not wear for us but for each other ….

   And where are we in all this?
  To be the author of your life we must start from the inside to the outside.
  And to get away from the other’s eyes there are several keys but I will quote only two that I see extremely essential. The first is the love of oneself
  Louise Lynn Hay, American writer and author of several self-help books, mentions in her book You Can Heal where she share with us her story with cancer recovery. 101 Powerful thoughts for life and the one that appeals me the most is I LOVE ME AND I APPROVE ME.

  She says; self-consideration only results in good. I’m not talking about vanity or pride here, because they only express that fear. To love oneself is to cherish and appreciate the miracle that you are. you have value and merit. You are a love !
 So I appreciate everything I do. I am good as I am. I speak for myself. I ask what I want. I claim my power

  The second key is to follow your heart and soul. The great Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho and in his first book The Alchemist was based on the value of soul and heart and how believing in these two help us to reach our goals.
  And as Lara Marie says, the Spiritual Guide, artist, writer and lecturer;and in one of her last articles she advised us TO Become the best friends with our heart, and always keep the alignment with who we really are and with your soul.  SO  Please ,Understand that the judgments of others are only reflections of their own beliefs and often of their own limitations. Concentrate on your joy, because once again, this is how your soul guides you. And every time you are tempted to do nothing for the eyes of others, ask yourself absolutely: Would I regret not having done this in 10 years”? Imagine yourself later, and regret not having done this or that, just so that someone does not open their mouth to tell you what they think of negative. What is worse than not being able to go back and sacrifice one’s life for others?
  Be yourself, 100% yourself, express your deepest desires, your deepest joys, your most beautiful colors, your most beautiful creativity, your most beautiful ideas, and shine as much as you can. May your light nourish the whole of humanity instead of sleeping in you because of those who have not yet understood the existence of their own light …
  My last question is: We are soon 7 billion humans on this planet. “The others” therefore represent 6.9 billion. Now, do you realize that it is really possible to please 6.9 billion people at the same time?

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