Women and their body

   Many women do not appreciate their bodies because, generally speaking, people who do not feel good about themselves look for reasons to hate their body.  Because of the pressure of commercials and the negative way some people judge us, we tend to believe that something is wrong with our body.  

  Lots of women want to be thinner and taller, and have more curves. They spend hours in front of a mirror trying to find out whether they have gained weight they don’t have to, thinking that they are ugly and good for nothing, that no one likes the way they look, and that if they were thinner, everyone would love their looks as they would be prettier. What a pity!! What a horrible way to see our own selves!

By accepting these concepts, you inject anger and hate into your own body. What is even more unfortunate about it is that our cells cannot do their job properly if they are invaded by hatred. The point is your cells respond according to what you think of your body. Each of our thoughts creates a chemical reaction in our body.

  Our body, or the costume we have chosen to wear in this life is a marvelous invention. It is perfect for us. That intelligent thing that makes our heart beat, that makes our body breathe, and knows how to cure a bone fracture ‘our body is miraculous

And to show you how the dream of having a perfect body affects our society, I will give you the statistics of anorexia in the world…

  • Anorexia affects one teenager out of 2,400; 9 girls for 1 boy.
  • 4% of anorexics die each year.
  • 10 to 15% of anorexics are threatened with death.

I remember when I was 10 years old, I was suffering from an over weight, I did not take care of my body; I eat too much, I did not practice any sport.. My over weight influenced on my life so I started to have knee problems  that could not bear the weight of my body anymore, my doctor sounded the alarm bell and confront me with the terrible truth. I began a diet that consisted just to eat healthy. I lost weight, but I stayed thinking that I was fat. I saw myself ugly , useless, I hated to see myself in the mirror, then thanks to my mother I understood that I must accept my body as it is. It’s true that I do not have a flat stomach and thin legs like most girls but it is my body and I had to appreciate it, I think it was the day I felt the more at ease in my skin I find myself beautiful charming, So now nothing can change my opinion on my body, I love and will love it until the infinity.

  For this ,I would like to see everyone love and cherish their beautiful person, inside and outside.Be cause you will never succeed in your journey if you hate yourself because the journey to your goal begins with you.

  I think the best way to be good with your body is to remember to love it. Instead of spending hours in front of the mirror criticizing yourself, look at you in front of a mirror and say “I am wonderful !

SAY !I am a powerful, strong and beautiful woman !

I LOVE myself !

I am not anyone’s slave, I am free !

Give yourself a positive message every time you see your image. Love yourself, simply. Do not wait till become slim or to reduce your fat mass, do it now because you deserve to feel wonderful all the time.


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